Benefiting from our vast and diversified network of institutional lenders built over the years that includes private debt fund managers, sophisticated institutional investors directly lending capital, and public/supranational lending entities, CCP has increasingly been solicited by either SMEs or project teams (real estate/ renewables) to become their trusted partner in searching for credit capital solutions to address their multiple and specific financial needs, along their development trajectory.

Thanks to our deep private market lending universe coverage that includes a wide and unique range of niche and strategies, CCP is strongly positioned to source tailor-made solutions for SMEs facing special situations and requiring specific financing packages, often less easily available from mainstream counterparties.

With a deep prior experience in private debt financing and a differentiated positioning, CCP can also be a valuable resource to SMEs operating in new and fast-growing sectors such as Tech/ Fintech, still at a relatively early stage in their development, and looking to diversify their sources of capital away from equity.

In addition, our assistance can provide useful local presence and connections to continental European teams looking for support to accompany their growth in the UK and benefit from its attractiveness, especially post Brexit.

In terms of process, after spending time to deep dive in our universe of relationships to find potential matches, we make selected approaches based on our comprehensive experience in private debt markets. After collecting initial feedbacks, we then proceed to arrange meetings with capital providers. Although our effort is usually primarily focused on an introduction phase, our services are bespoke, cost-effective and adapted to each situation so depending on requirements, we may also provide support throughout the discussions leading to transaction closing.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further on contact@creditcap.co.uk