Investment Selection Services

We create value for our clients when they roll-out their investment programmes by assisting them in selecting one or several private debt investments, whether in primary, secondary, co-invests or direct, according to their chosen strategy.

We exclusively create tailor-made solutions specifically designed to meet particular client requirements, combining proprietary qualitative and quantitative approaches supported by extensive due diligence.

We provide comprehensive assessments on the envisaged investment options including manager history, profile, track record, team, investment process, review of alignment of interests in the GP-LP relationship, on-demand operational review, ESG and stewardship, risk/reward and structure elements, among other factors.

When analysing a co-invest opportunity, maximum attention is paid to granular fundamentals at the asset level, drawing on our former experience in managing such assets.

Credit Capital Partners operates in a very integrated manner, with its support services deeply incorporated into the client investment process, including timetable adoption and close interaction with other third party providers, such as legal counsels, ensuring a smooth and optimal process.

Thanks to deep-dive solution design and management experience, Credit Capital Partners provides unique transparency and insight from the other side of the fence on all strategic, financial and structural elements. We can also prove a helpful partner in reviewing management and performance fees.