We strive to provide comprehensive support to our clients and always go to great lengths to understand their specific requirements and address those with tailor-made solutions.

Our solutions can for instance meet the particular needs from:

– senior management;

– investment staff/committee;

– trustees;

– other market participants.

These take the form of bespoke specialist support services, such as:

– lending platform setup advice, particularly targeted at sophisticated investors opting to dis-intermediate and/or gain a foothold in the asset class. Increasingly frequently, investors may want to strengthen their LP profile through a broader partnership (JV, minority stakes…) with GPs, ensuring strategic alignment of interest and preferred access to fund/coinvest allocations. We have been instrumental in helping establish this type of partnerships;

– fostering ecosystem growth through efficient introduction of private debt financing market participants to lending platforms and SMEs for their own development;

– educational teach-ins on various themes that are defined in a bespoke manner according to requirements (e.g. private debt asset class introduction, manager business model/ strategy analysis, valuation techniques, Covid-19 impact on private debt, ESG developments in the industry, among others);

– reconciliation of cash outflows and invoiced fees with contractual formulas agreed in documentation to avoid any unfavourable discrepancy/mistake in calculations made by GPs that can have a significant cost impact on LPs; or

– any customised client project where we can add value.