Credit Capital Partners provides private debt investors, whether already seasoned investors, or those simply considering/in the process of establishing an exposure to the asset class, with full spectrum risk-return analysis services.

Private debt has evolved significantly since the GFC and a plethora of strategies is now available to investors who are looking for help to optimally assess the various options open to them in term of:

– sub-market debt niches: corporate, real estate, specialty finance, infrastructure, trade finance, natural resources, asset leasing, among others;

– market segments: primary, secondary, co-investments, direct; and

– products/ exposures available to them: senior, unitranche, junior, preferred, structured products.

Credit Capital Partners also focuses on analysing corresponding downside protection, and correlations with investors’ existing exposures in other asset classes. An all-weather balanced asset allocation that can withstand a challenging market environment as well as more benign market conditions is at the forefront of our thought process.

Credit Capital Partners will jointly review the client return targets and assist in the design of an optimal asset allocation strategy in order to achieve their objectives while respecting their specific obligations, including regulatory requirements (Solvency II among others).