Mission & Core Values


Credit Capital Partners provides institutional investors with bespoke solutions perfectly matched to their investment requirements in global Public and Private Debt markets.


Internally seeded and fully independent business partner, ideally set up to provide uncompromising quality analyses, views and recommendations.

Value creation
We serve no purpose if we don’t create value for our clients. Across our business, we aim to provide value-added services to our clients through rigorous insights, detailed analysis and asset class competence targeted transfer.

We strive to understand each client specific needs, culture and modus operandi, in order to find optimally tailored solutions to complex situations facing investors. Each client is unique with different requirements and so is our attention and service to each situation. Loyalty and long-term commitment to our clients are ingrained in our DNA, which enables us to provide support services all along the investment chain.

The Private Debt market is a complex asset class with particular risk reward characteristics, diverse operator profiles and evolving market dynamics. Working alongside a credit specialist with multi-decades of experience in the asset class often proves an invaluable help in correctly assessing managers, strategies and investments.

We constantly investigate new inroads, whether analysing emerging Private Debt market trends, new transaction features and debt instruments, or helping clients design innovative credit solutions to their unique needs.