Our capital reallocation introduction services are designed to support client portfolio position adjustment activities as well as new vehicle establishing transactions.

Although private debt is a fairly young asset class with still relatively limited but increasing secondary activity, we are fostering the ecosystem growth by accompanying investors on this market segment which is developing fast, in the steps of secondary markets in other adjacent asset classes.

Credit Capital Partners facilitates capital reallocation by assisting in liquidity events for institutional investors looking to exit illiquid positions, either individual funds or fund portfolios, for technical or strategic reasons.

As part of the growing private debt universe, we are also increasingly involved in GP-led situations, where we contribute by providing mutually beneficial solutions such as introducing specialised and supportive investors willing to take part in attractive new vehicles that avoid traditional pitfalls such as a potential slow J-curve and blind pools.

Due to the illiquid nature of the market, our acumen, vast network of longstanding relationships, and nuanced and confidential approach, are essential to undertake such transactions efficiently and successfully.

We provide capital reallocation introduction services in close integration with LPs, legal counsels and managers, and accompany our investors closely along the critical initial phases of the process.